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The early years foundation stage ( EYFS )

Here at BrightStar Day Nursery we take security seriously and use Butler Safe Technologies (BST) whom specialise in high tech security solutions, in particular for the education sector. BST develops and manufactures a unique finger print access solution and installs directly at it’s customers premises. BST was selected by BrightStar Day Nursery not only for the quality of the technology but also for their track record, it has hundreds of nurseries in its customer portfolio. Their finger print access control solution has brought massive benefits to the security of  our nursery.

The Advantages

The obvious advantages of biometric systems based on a unique human physical attribute are:

It is impossible for an unwanted visitor to gain access.

There is nothing that can be stolen or replicated.

A bio metric system does not rely on the honesty and/or the memory of an employee in the way a keypad or a clocking in system does.

It guarantees that only the authorised personnel can have access to the premises or a specific location within the premises.

In simple terms a biometric access control system is extremely secure for it relies uniquely on indisputable human physical attributes that cannot be stolen or replicated.  The system is unbreakable by any unauthorised personnel or unwanted visitors.  It is an ultimate and incorruptible key.

The Technology

Our system is based on the latest morphology technology. The finger print is made of a network of furrows. The intersections and the ends of those furrows provide unique characteristic points or ‘minutia’. This technology is based on detecting those points and defining for each finger a unique template. This template is a set of points which is then encrypted into a data file; no fingerprints are stored and it is impossible to recreate an image of the fingerprint from the information held on the system.  With our technology, a single digital fingerprint allows complete identification making your finger the safest key in the world.